Monthly Archives: October 2010

Cigar box guitar pt.III

I got the wood for my guitar’s neck. Finally! So I started the build for real today, the first tasks being to craft the head and fret the neck. I’ll be nipping to the local art shop again for some 4mm diameter brass rods to use as fret spacing. Here is the length of oak… Read more »

Cigar box guitar pt.II

So how is the cigar box guitar project coming along? Well at the moment, for one reason or another, it has become a more theoretical exercise. But here are the bits I have bought so far, with how much of the £60 budget each bit cost. Cigar box: £2.00, bought at Huddersfield second hand market…. Read more »

Exactly 2 minutes of music

At the end of May this year Kim and I had a bit of a “creative” day, she was doing all things Finestimaginary whilst I got my laptop, FX board and a guitar or two out and played about with things for a while. The result is the following piece of noise, its definitely rough… Read more »

Mead Time

Every year for (*searches memory… I was definitely still living at my parents*) … lots of years I have made at least one demijohn’s worth of mead. For those who don’t know mead is honey wine and dates back (according to the Wikis) to 7000BCE. Its awesome served at either room temperature or chilled. The… Read more »

Cigar Box Guitar pt. I

Oh first post… excellent! Errm Hi! I am hoping to chronicle some the projects I am currently undertaking on this very blog.  The first of these is a project I have been thinking about in one form or another for years, basically I want to build a guitar. Ever since I started playing when I… Read more »