Monthly Archives: November 2010

Cigar box guitar pt.V

I’ve done a lot of drilling this weekend… oh and filing. I’m pretty happy with the end results which are dum dum dum… the pickup, jack and volume potentiometer are now attached to the body! The massive stick on the volume pot. will be trimmed when I come to attach the volume knob… Also the… Read more »

Ginger Wine

Humm, I’ve been a bit busy lately, what with the Christmas markets that FinestImaginary has been at and me starting a new job. I’ll be back on guitar build-o-rama next weekend. But on sunday to add a third demijohn of home made wine to the kitchen table I have made a ginger wine! The largely… Read more »

Cigar box guitar pt.IV

This morning work continued on the neck! I spent a pleasant couple of hours in Kim’s dads garage sorting it out. First came a couple of power sanders to give it a smoothish surface: A power plane was then used to cut a 45 degree angle out of the corners on the back of the… Read more »