Monthly Archives: March 2011

30 mins to make music?

Earlier this evening I said to myself: “Self… could you make 3 mins of original music from scratch in a timed 30mins?” I didn’t know the answer so I gave it a go… and its turns out that… No, I can’t. What I can do is record 2 and a bit mins of 12-bar and… Read more »

Plan Bee

We’ve all been hearing for sometime that bees are in decline, I think even Dr. Who has made reference to it. This is a pretty bad thing. For one no bees means that there are less insects pollenating plants and flowers which is really bad seeing as the are a major factor in crop pollination…. Read more »


I’ve made a few things since starting this blog and I notice I’ve never shown any end products. So here are two: Firstly here is the bottling process of what I am now calling Ginger Mac the ginger wine with added measure of ┬ásingle malt scotch I made in November (recipe here). You’ll notice the… Read more »