Monthly Archives: September 2011

Cider Press funtimes!

Winter is coming! I always seem to start making alcoholic beverages at this time of year*, as you saw the other day I have some beer brewing in my kitchen, now let me tell you of how I ended up helping bring into existence hopefully 40 pints of Perry! After the Huddersfield food and drink… Read more »

My first beer…

Busy weekend! After finishing my guitar and going to see Cowboys and Aliens*, I started brewing my first beer! Once upon a time I made my zeroth beer but unfortunately due to a busted seal I ended up with 5 gallons of mould topped horribleness. But now I have new kit, and kit it is,… Read more »

Cigar box guitar pt. VII (GUITAR FINISHED)

Cutting straight to the chase my guitar is FINISHED, finally finished. The fret spacings and some finishing touches were added last weekend. Then yesterday I strung it up, plugged it in and dum dum dum… IT WORKS! As proof of this please enjoy this video and these photos of me smiling like an idiot and… Read more »