Observing in Sweden

Check it out I’m in Sweden! Right now I’m sat under the 20m dish in its radome at the Onsala Space Observatory. This particular telescope works at mm-wavelengths and currently we’re observing molecular lines toward AGB stars. These are old stars of low- to intermediate mass (a bit less to a few times the mass of the Sun) which have moved past the hydrogen burning stage of their lives and are red giants on their way to becoming white dwarfs. This isn’t my field of research but I’m here with Christina (a JBCA PhD student) whose field it is because these observations are running for 78hours straight, so we’re observing in shifts.

Its pretty foggy right now, not ideal for mm- observations, but yesterday I got some pictures… and here they are!

25m Telescope used for VLBI over looking the beachThe beach

Next I’ll, as usual, apologise for the long absence from blogging but it has been for many reasons:

  1. I’m helping organise the UK ALMA stand at this years Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.
  2. The National Astronomy Meeting is in Manchester next week and I’ve been doing bits for that.
  3. I’ve been playing with some seriously cool data recently.

So as I think I’ve done before I’m going to list what I intend to blog about soon so that I actually do it.

  • Experiences in homebrew beer,
  • Another innovative mead recipe
  • A beer walk of Huddersfield*
  • Some bits of music I’ve been working on and…
  • Hopefully start working on building another guitar.

… oh and Kim might redesign this blog for me too!

*any excuse!

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