The December 17th Story…

… (or shameless self congratulations).

On the day of the JBCA Christmas Party I had my PhD viva. For those who are lucky enough not to know about these things a viva is a defence of all the work within your PhD thesis (aka the past 3 years of your life). In the UK (at least in Manchester) this usually takes the form of an interview/oral examination with two examiners (one internal academic from your home department and one external academic and expert in your field). The viva is of undefined length, basically until the examiners are satisfied they can determine a result for your work. Mine was 2.5 hours which is roughly average from what I’ve seen or heard over the past 3 years.

The final result of which was a Pass with minor corrections… meaning I had some bits to fix up then I could hand it to the Uni which I did recently and then I got this lovely letter from Uni:

Taken with instagram

As it say now all I have left to do is wait until July so I can dress up in fancy robes… I mean graduate! W00t!

Here is what my thesis looks like on the bookshelf (next to books by a much much better author).

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    • Adam

      Thanks! They had the purple bindings as an example at the Joule Library binders, its pretty nice. You have to have black for the two copies you hand in the the Faculty (or so I was lead to believe!).


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