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The Year in Beer

What an interesting and varied year 2013 has been*! Looking at the photos I’ve taken in the last 12 months it seems I can recap this year by the interesting and varied beers I’ve partaken in**. Of course that means my review is biased to things where I had a beer, but you wouldn’t want… Read more »

Observing in Sweden

Check it out I’m in Sweden! Right now I’m sat under the 20m dish in its radome at the Onsala Space Observatory. This particular telescope works at mm-wavelengths and currently we’re observing molecular lines toward AGB stars. These are old stars of low- to intermediate mass (a bit less to a few times the mass… Read more »

ALMA Community Days, ESO

Last Week I had the pleasure of visiting ESO Headquarters in Garching bei Müchen, (Germany).  They were hosting their ALMA Community Days, a two day “mini” conference. The topic of these community days was “Towards Early Science” and that’s because at the end of March ALMA put out its very first call for proposals (wooo!!!)… Read more »

The December 17th Story…

… (or shameless self congratulations). On the day of the JBCA Christmas Party I had my PhD viva. For those who are lucky enough not to know about these things a viva is a defence of all the work within your PhD thesis (aka the past 3 years of your life). In the UK (at… Read more »

What do I do?

As promised last time here is a bit of a description of what I do for a living, which also marks the first entry in the Astronomy section of the blog. Since November 1st I’ve been working for the UK ALMA regional centre or UK ARC for short as a Post Doctoral Research Associate. First… Read more »