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Brew 4: “It was supposed to be Red” Ale.

In November 2014 my brother (James) and I were in Graham’s garage brewing a second batch of W3 wheat beer* and talking about what beer we’d like to make next. James’ idea was simple “a red ale, that was so hoppy it would taste dank”. For colour we aimed at Magic Rock’s Rapture, and for… Read more »

Brew 3: The W3, ‘Wet Weekend Wheat’

– October 2013 In October Kim’s mum and dad went off to Florida for a couple of weeks. Them being away meant we really ought to nip round and check on the house, and what better way to check than spend the afternoon down there, watching a movie and brewing a beer? But what to… Read more »

The Year in Beer

What an interesting and varied year 2013 has been*! Looking at the photos I’ve taken in the last 12 months it seems I can recap this year by the interesting and varied beers I’ve partaken in**. Of course that means my review is biased to things where I had a beer, but you wouldn’t want… Read more »

Blackberry Mead

– Brew started: 08/09/13 Since we got the Dog (Scout), Kim and I have wandered up and down all kinds of paths, snickets and ginnels around our house which we have never ventured down before. On one such trip at the end of August we found ourselves walking through some woods and when we emerged… Read more »

Mulled Mead

-August 2013 I started thinking about a highly spiced mead a little while ago, but I tend not to make mead during the first half of any given year*, so I waited until well into August. To test what I wanted out of this spiced mead and get an idea of the flavours I might get I… Read more »