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Brew 2: ‘Stouter’

– July 2013 The first beer being such a success it was time to make a second*. This time it was my choice of recipe, and I thought I’d give making my own recipe up from scratch a go. My preferred beers are typically porters, stouts and dark milds. After many years of student-esque ideology… Read more »

The First Brew

The First Brew: Early Summer 2013. Beer making! First off let me say, I am pretty new to this. I have over the past two and a bit years made a few beers from kits, with the results varying from good to great. In a similar time frame Kim’s dad, Graham, has also been making… Read more »

Braggot… Mead with a beer-y twist.

We’re down to the last bottle of the Something Pink raspberry and cranberry mead so there is only one thing to do… Make more mead! This time I have decided to try making a Braggot, which is a mead with some of the Honey replaced with malt. In addition to malt, the recipe I have… Read more »

Something Pink (Raspberry and Cranberry Mead)

Yesterday I conducted a culinary experiment! Starting from the basic mead recipe I’ve always used I made some additions to create a Raspberry and Cranberry Mead. So without further ado here is what I used: 1 litre Cranberry Juice 500g Frozen Raspberries 1.5kg Honey 3 (and a bit) litres of Water Lime juice Yeast First… Read more »

Cider Press funtimes!

Winter is coming! I always seem to start making alcoholic beverages at this time of year*, as you saw the other day I have some beer brewing in my kitchen, now let me tell you of how I ended up helping bring into existence hopefully 40 pints of Perry! After the Huddersfield food and drink… Read more »