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My first beer…

Busy weekend! After finishing my guitar and going to see Cowboys and Aliens*, I started brewing my first beer! Once upon a time I made my zeroth beer but unfortunately due to a busted seal I ended up with 5 gallons of mould topped horribleness. But now I have new kit, and kit it is,… Read more »

Apple Mead Drinking Time

Remember when I’d just started this blog and I wrote about mead? Remember the Apple and Clove mead I made back then? If not look here. It was bottled in December and six and a bit months later Kim and I fancied a glass of wine so we cracked open a bottle (it mean what… Read more »


I’ve made a few things since starting this blog and I notice I’ve never shown any end products. So here are two: Firstly here is the bottling process of what I am now calling Ginger Mac the ginger wine with added measure of ┬ásingle malt scotch I made in November (recipe here). You’ll notice the… Read more »

Ginger Wine

Humm, I’ve been a bit busy lately, what with the Christmas markets that FinestImaginary has been at and me starting a new job. I’ll be back on guitar build-o-rama next weekend. But on sunday to add a third demijohn of home made wine to the kitchen table I have made a ginger wine! The largely… Read more »

Mead Time

Every year for (*searches memory… I was definitely still living at my parents*) … lots of years I have made at least one demijohn’s worth of mead. For those who don’t know mead is honey wine and dates back (according to the Wikis) to 7000BCE. Its awesome served at either room temperature or chilled. The… Read more »