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Cigar box guitar pt. VII (GUITAR FINISHED)

Cutting straight to the chase my guitar is FINISHED, finally finished. The fret spacings and some finishing touches were added last weekend. Then yesterday I strung it up, plugged it in and dum dum dum… IT WORKS! As proof of this please enjoy this video and these photos of me smiling like an idiot and… Read more »

30 mins to make music?

Earlier this evening I said to myself: “Self… could you make 3 mins of original music from scratch in a timed 30mins?” I didn’t know the answer so I gave it a go… and its turns out that… No, I can’t. What I can do is record 2 and a bit mins of 12-bar and… Read more »

The Imagined Village

Yesterday afternoon we went to Holmfirth, where we saw exactly zero old men sliding down hillsides in bathtubs (if that doesn’t make sense… tough). What we did see were the ten excellent musicians who make up the band ‘The Imagined Village‘. I first heard about the Imagined Village from the BBCs coverage of the Cambridge… Read more »

Cigar box guitar pt.VI (Snow Day)

As I made my half conscious stagger out of the bedroom this morning I thought “Hmm its pretty light for 6.30am” so after I remembering it was Saturday and heading back to bed I asked Kim to take a look outside. She groggily looked, confirmed there was snow, said a few choice words and also went back to… Read more »

Cigar box guitar pt.V

I’ve done a lot of drilling this weekend… oh and filing. I’m pretty happy with the end results which are dum dum dum… the pickup, jack and volume potentiometer are now attached to the body! The massive stick on the volume pot. will be trimmed when I come to attach the volume knob… Also the… Read more »