FolkSideProject: The Return

Welcome Back!

After a long hiatus, during which the very wonderful Kim Lawler creative redesigned and built my blog for me*, FSP is back! Look at how awesome it  looks now!

With the new design comes hopefully a renewed vigour for blogging, particularly seeing as my extra workicular activities in beer making have shifted up a gear. More about that in the next post**!

Coming soon there will be some further design tweaks including a new side bar feature to see what is currently brewing. Here is an example:


Anyway this was just a short message to say things are going to be going on here again and inviting you to join me***!


*(All in between doing the billions of other web designs and builds she does for actual paying customers!)
** (Just to note that a few of the next posts were written during the hiatus and so will have a date stamp to say when the events described actually happened.)
***(I love footnotes… Blame Terry Pratchett)

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