I’m Back Baby!… and I bring eggs!

November 28th?!? NOVEMBER 28th?!?!?!? I haven’t blogged since November 28th… What?!… Well, let me tell you for why…

In something I should have mentioned earlier… November 1st saw me starting my very first real life actual job, I am a PDRA, working for the UK ALMA Regional Centre (or UK ARC) at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. Good Times! I shall be writing a post as to what that actually means in a few days.

Then on December 17th… well… that is another story which I shall relate on February 12th. Then Christmas happened and I ate and probably drank too much! I seemed to completely zone out of normal my routines over the two weeks we were off.  Now I am back at work and normality has been restored.

Which means I am back to writing the blog, starting with a simple recipe which came about because we have too many eggs. Pickled eggs are something I hadn’t had until I was old enough to drink and an excellent accompaniment to a good pint of real ale they do make! Kim initially didn’t like them and we never buy them to have at home but I think I am winning her round!

So here is how I pickled half a dozen eggs:

  • Hard boil 6 eggs (i.e. boil for >6 mins) and allow to cool
  • Peel eggs  (psst… smashed up egg shells are compost-able)
  • Place in a clean jar (I’ve added two dried chillies, some cloves and some black peppercorns at this point).
  • Fill with vinegar and close the lid.

DONE! I managed to make mine whilst listening to The Unthanks album ‘Here’s the Tender Coming’ (which I recommend you check out). In a few weeks they’ll be ready… better find a beer to have with them.

Coming soon:

  • What do I do for a living?
  • Whats going on with my guitar build project?
  • The December 17th Story…

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