Plan Bee

We’ve all been hearing for sometime that bees are in decline, I think even Dr. Who has made reference to it. This is a pretty bad thing.

from wikipedia

For one no bees means that there are less insects pollenating plants and flowers which is really bad seeing as the are a major factor in crop pollination. This article from the Independent highlights the international spread of this problem and its impact on food production and these BBC articles provide some reasons why this decline might be happening.

A second issue that makes the lack of bees a bad thing is the lack of honey. No honey = no mead = Bad. Anyway all this leads me to my insignificant contribution to boosting bee numbers by purchasing and affixing in my garden a beehouse.

It is near the region of garden I have currently designated “fruit bush section” but as it currently stands is “badly needs weeding section”, with the hope that the fruit bushes I am in the process of buy will attract some bees…

Well we’ll see how it goes, hopefully some bees will move in and then I’ll take it into my head that getting some hives would be a good idea, (it really isn’t). Anway I shall keep you posted as to how both Plan Bee and Operation Fruit Bush progresses.

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