I’ve made a few things since starting this blog and I notice I’ve never shown any end products. So here are two:

Firstly here is the bottling process of what I am now calling Ginger Mac the ginger wine with added measure of  single malt scotch I made in November (recipe here).

You’ll notice the semi-filled pint glass in the penultimate picture, this is what I normally do with the run off to see what the final product will be like in 3-6 months time. (If you ever try this, don’t drink it all or you’ll end up feeling rather¬†unpleasant for a few days). This brew seems like it should be tasty in a few months, you can definitely taste the whisky… humm it might be ready for my 26th!

An important thing to do when all the wines you make are roughly the same colour is make labels! We’ve often opened a bottle thinking we knew what was inside and then spent the rest of the bottle trying to confirm our original suspicions.

Secondly, last night as I had a bottle of beer to drink (woe is me), I cracked open the pickled eggs (pun intended) I made a few weeks ago. They’ve picked up a nice brown colour on the outside and a nice vinegar-y taste.

Sorry about the poor quality image it was taken with my phone which was covered in dust having been in my “work” jeans whilst I was out gardening yesterday (more about that another day perhaps).


All good pictures taken by Kim

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