Apple Mead Drinking Time

Remember when I’d just started this blog and I wrote about mead? Remember the Apple and Clove mead I made back then? If not look here.

It was bottled in December and six and a bit months later Kim and I fancied a glass of wine so we cracked open a bottle (it mean what else could we have done?). The cork came out with a pop and a delicious apple-ly smell!

The clove have left a bit of sediment so using a tip I got off my Grandad I strained it through some kitchen roll and it was ready to drink.

I am glad to say it tastes amazing! Nice and syrupy with a good taste of both clove and apple (I kind of has me hungering for a ham sandwich). I’d recommend the recipe in the link above to anyone.

Finally, as I may have said before I don’t tend to calculate how strong my brews are so I can’t give you a percentage for its strength but I’ll comment in the morning on how my head feels which should give you a guide.┬áSometime soon I’m thinking of having my second ever attempt at making beer. Keep your eyes peeled for that!


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