Blackberry Mead

– Brew started: 08/09/13

Since we got the Dog (Scout), Kim and I have wandered up and down all kinds of paths, snickets and ginnels around our house which we have never ventured down before. On one such trip at the end of August we found ourselves walking through some woods and when we emerged into the open again we were surrounded by blackberry bushes. They were almost ready for picking…

The next week we were back, twice, the first time Kim made an awesome crumble. The second time I made this:

Mead in the Demijohn

Mead in the Demijohn

The rough recipe for which is:

1.5(ish)kg blackberries, freshly picked.
1.5kg honey.
Water to make up 8 gallons pints.

The blackberries were smushed up and boiled for a bit. The honey was then added and the mix simmered for awhile to ensure it was mixed thoroughly before emptying into the demijohn. I attempted to sieve out the bigger bits of the blackberry smush, but a few seeds made it through.*

Blackberry Pan

Blackberry mix in the pan

In bottles it looks rather nice, I’d hope you agree.

Bottled Blackberry

Bottled Blackberry Mead

Finally, a bottle of the Mulled Mead┬ámade it to the works Xmas do, split 7 ways it didn’t last long but I think it went down fairly well. The cloves from the mulling spice gave it a really nice earthy flavour and it had quiet a good honey flavour despite it being so pale.


* Luckily these seeds remained behind during the bottling process.

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