Braggot… Mead with a beer-y twist.

We’re down to the last bottle of the Something Pink raspberry and cranberry mead so there is only one thing to do… Make more mead!

This time I have decided to try making a Braggot, which is a mead with some of the Honey replaced with malt. In addition to malt, the recipe I have followed (read looked at then largely ignored) includes some hops… Hops + malt + water + yeast = beer, the same equation + Honey (in sufficient quantities) = Braggot. The recipe I based the quantities on came from the very excellent brew book ‘Home Brew‘ by Doug Rouxel & Sara Paston-Williams.

To the local brew shop! (Which is here FYI).

So following the mead recipe from an old post of mine replace just less than half the honey with dried malt extract. (So about 300g honey to 500g malt). The process too is slightly different the malt plus about 30g of dried hops needs boiling up for 15 mins before following the recipe as before.

This will make you kitchen smell awesome! Sieve and siphon you mead into a demijohn, allow to cool, add your yeast and wait… just like I am doing!


Having found the following mess I suggest using a little less honey! Eep! It’s lively!

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