Brew 3: The W3, ‘Wet Weekend Wheat’

– October 2013

In October Kim’s mum and dad went off to Florida for a couple of weeks. Them being away meant we really ought to nip round and check on the house, and what better way to check than spend the afternoon down there, watching a movie and brewing a beer?

But what to brew? Well long before, but particularly since our trip to Munich at the back end of 2012 Kim and I have been partial to a weißbeer and as the last beer recipe I came up with (Stouter) was aimed firmly at my favourite type of drink, my intention for this brew was to have a go at one of Kim’s favourites.

So armed with my two faithful beer books (here and here) and the beer engine, I sat out in the garage* and combined a couple of wheat beer recipes to get something the colour and ABV I thought would see us through Christmas. I was aiming at something around 4.6% but a measurement after primary fermentation said 4.2%, ultimately however I think it ended up somewhat higher.

As Kim’s folks left the weather in the UK took a turn for the worse** and brew day was particularly wet and wild outside, thus I’ve christened this recipe the W3 beer, wet weekend wheat.

For the recipe here is what I used:

Malt: Weight
Wheat Malt 2.5kg
Marris Otter 2.0kg
Munich Malt 0.5kg

Hops: Weight Time in boil
Goldings 31.0 grams Start of boil (90 mins)

Original Gravity: Errm?
Bottled at Gravity: 1.011. Meaning it should be about 4.2%.

Total Liquor 33L / Mash Liquor 12.5L / Mashed at 66oC for 90mins.

Wheat beer after the boil.

Wheat beer after the boil.

They say that a lot of the flavour for this style of beer comes from the yeast and they’re not wrong, this brew didn’t taste of much after the boil but after its first fermentation the clovey-banana-ness was definitely coming through, I used the Bavarian Wheat yeast from Mangrove Jacks’ Craft Series. Rather than barreling this we bottled them and they lived in the garage for a while then moved inside.

A Stein (almost) full on New Years

A Stein (almost) full on New Years

It took us a while to get through them (into January) and at the end, maybe because we’d had the central heating on and the little yeasties got over excited, we were having to open the 500ml bottles over a 2 litre jug to catch all the explosive froth that would spurt out upon opening. Tasted great though!*** I understand that a second brew of this will be taking place to be barrelled and left in the cellars of the Lawler taps, so we’ll have to come up with an occasion to drink it!


* not in exile, I was doing some laser cutting for Kim in preparation for the Christmas rush!

**and seemingly has no intention of turning back anytime soon!

*** At one point (after a couple of W3) I was ready to call Germany to let them I’d perfected the wheat beer recipe and they could stop. As I say, I’m not sure about the final ABV, 4.2% seems a bit low.

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