Mulled Mead

-August 2013

I started thinking about a highly spiced mead a little while ago, but I tend not to make mead during the first half of any given year*, so I waited until well into August. To test what I wanted out of this spiced mead and get an idea of the flavours I might get I tried a few small glasses of hot water, honey and a few different spice mixes.

Though not entirely representative of the final taste, I figured it was a good starting point . So after a couple of testers glasses, the final one I concocted was rather nice, consisting of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. On deciding it was the spice mix I was probably going to go for, the following conversation then occurred in our kitchen (approximately) .

Adam: “Kim try this.”
Kim: *Tries the tester* “Nice, thats mulled wine spicing isn’t it.”
Adam: “Oh yeah.”
Kim: “You should get some of those mulled wine tea-bags and use them in the water when you make the mead.”
Adam: “You. Are. A. Genius.”**

So that I did. Heres the recipe.

3lb honey
6 x mulled spice tea bag things… I got mine from Sainsburies
4.54 litres of water

Demijohned and left to ferment as usual. But thats when the panic set in!  To start with this mead was a totally disgusting, murky opaque greeny brown colour, as can be seen here in front of the much nicer looking latest batch of ‘Something Pink’.

Spiced mead in the demijohn

Spiced mead in the demijohn

The yeast I used in for the mulled mead was the new sachets they have started selling at Wilkinson’s and I’m not sure if it is that, or the particulate nature of what was in the mulled spice bags but overall the mead cleared pretty quickly and ended up a pale straw yellow colour. Bottled here is how it looks (next to the less clear Something Pink).

Bottled spiced mead

Bottled spiced mead

The run off was potent and tasted amazing. Can’t wait until its matured a bit. Probably taking a cheeky bottle to the works Xmas do and see how its getting along!



* Since I’ve been making mead since before I was old enough to drink it I think I can make that statement with some accuracy.
** My usual reaction to Kim whenever I am trying to reinvent the wheel and she points to the obvious solution.

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