My first beer…

Busy weekend! After finishing my guitar and going to see Cowboys and Aliens*, I started brewing my first beer!

Once upon a time I made my zeroth beer but unfortunately due to a busted seal I ended up with 5 gallons of mould topped horribleness. But now I have new kit, and kit it is, for this attempt at making beer I have started from this kit. My idea is that if this works well I shall get a bit more adventurous and make something not from kit or a ‘kit/Adam makes it up’ hybrid! Here are the bits of the kit which aren’t the 5 gallon fermentation bucket.

And here are some pictures of how I ended up with 40pints of bitter brewing in my Kitchen.

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Right, I have one more report of something awesome I did this weekend which will be posted in a day or two… (what will I do next weekend? … write observing proposals probably).

*not bad for something with such an insane title.

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