Cigar Box Guitar pt. I

Oh first post… excellent! Errm Hi! I am hoping to chronicle some the projects I am currently undertaking on this very blog.  The first of these is a project I have been thinking about in one form or another for years, basically I want to build a guitar.

Ever since I started playing when I was 14ish I kinda wanted to build one. Then I realised how expensive that would be and that I had no practical woodworking skills (still don’t), so it remained an just an idea … I pretty much have my ideal electric guitar designed somewhere in the back of my mind.

Then a few months ago, I started thinking about the most basic guitar I could build… a cigar box guitar! So I googled it and found this awesome site which has an inspiring gallery section (see next pic) and a ‘how to’ section.

After a bit of browsing there I thought “I can do that!” So I am going to, I have a nice dilapidated garage to work in, a bunch of second hand tools and a budget I set myself of 60 quid.

In very much the same way I cook, I have read the ‘how to’ section and selected which bits I am going to pay attention to and which bits I am going to ignore. Right now I am still buying bits for the build, so I’ll leave you with a bad picture of what I am generously calling a plan! Its going to be awesome…

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