Cigar box guitar pt.II

So how is the cigar box guitar project coming along? Well at the moment, for one reason or another, it has become a more theoretical exercise. But here are the bits I have bought so far, with how much of the £60 budget each bit cost.

Cigar box, machine heads, stereo jack, 220kOhm pot.

  • Cigar box: £2.00, bought at Huddersfield second hand market.
  • Stereo Jack: £1.69, Maplin’s in Manchester.
  • 220kΩ potentiometer: £1.41, Maplin’s again.
  • 3 x Machineheads: £7.50, from the Guitar shop near my house.
  • Brass tube: £2.05, local art shop.

So the total so far stands at a staggering £14.65, just less than a quarter of my total budget! The most expensive item of the project, the pickup, is yet to be bought but looks like I might be able to splash out a bit on this in the end. I hope to get started on the build around Hallowe’en.

Finally as I ended the last guitar post with a crude plan, here is a pic of how the head will look.

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  1. Fat Jones

    I might have a spare pick-up from when I replaced the pick-ups in my Ibanez…
    Will check next time I go back to the ‘rents.


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