Cigar box guitar pt.III

I got the wood for my guitar’s neck. Finally! So I started the build for real today, the first tasks being to craft the head and fret the neck. I’ll be nipping to the local art shop again for some 4mm diameter brass rods to use as fret spacing. Here is the length of oak that is becoming the neck! Its was about 8ft long (I only needed 3ft) and as its an off-cut we got it free (I am taking Graham (Kim’s Dad) every time I need something from a timber yard!)

I shall be ending up with 22 frets on the fret board. The formula used to calculate fret sizes is as follows:-

S = ( L – ( Σ f ) )/17.817

(I apologise to fellow physicists about the lack of clarifying indices in this equation but I can’t figure out how to do it in WordPress!).

which means that a fret size, S, is the length of the string (nut to bridge), L, minus the sum of all other frets already calculated,  Σf, divided by 17.817. For example for the first fret (so Σf=0) with string length L=0.76m,  the first fret will be S=4.22cm wide (from nut to fret spacer).

In a bonus when clearing out the what remains of my stuff still at my parents house a set of string were found, so that has saved me a fiver on this build! To finish here is a picture of the newly crafted head section (tomorrow some drilling will happen!):

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