Cigar box guitar pt.VI (Snow Day)

As I made my half conscious stagger out of the bedroom this morning I thought “Hmm its pretty light for 6.30am” so after I remembering it was Saturday and heading back to bed I asked Kim to take a look outside. She groggily looked, confirmed there was snow, said a few choice words and also went back to bed.

Suffice to say we sacked off our normal gym/supermarket Saturday in favour of something more fun which for me meant working on my guitar:

The reason I haven’t posted anything about the cigar box build recently is due to my having to cut and file a groove into the neck for the pick-up to go, which with my limited tools and the neck being oak took some time! Graham routed out the groove for the box lid which took him no time (the few minutes it takes to walk from our house to theirs), but routers are hefty machines and I wanted to get the pick-up cut out exactly the right size to keep the neck as strong as possible.

I finally finished that the other day, so I waxed the neck this morning with some wax we had left over from waxing the doors in the house. I’ve also pinched some of Finestimaginary‘s epoxy resin to affix the brass work to the neck.

So what left for the guitar? Fret spacers, some mild soldering and getting some strings to fit… (The neck is longer than a normal guitar so this could be problematic).

Finally if anyone read this article on HipHopSideProject I also made bread today which if it turns out to be nice I’ll post the reciepe for tomorrow.

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